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Want to know more about what’s happening at IMCC? You’re in the right place. In this section we enjoy sharing changes within the company, updates, and new services. Check out our articles below to stay up-to-date.

New Pickle Line- Coming July 2022

December 26, 2019

49899453_2533784513304467_6405646974103584768_n (2).jpg

IMCC is in the process of building a second acid pickling line. The new line will feature a 2 ton hoist system, (3) 2,000 gallon tanks measuring 48" wide x 120" long, and 96" deep. The new pickling line will open additional capacity for IMCC to process tooling faster and meet growing demand. Expected to be completed mid July.


In the past year IMCC has made considerable efforts to become more energy efficient, and will continue that commitment in coming years. We recently replaced every bulb in our building with LED, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced maintenance and environmental impact. We are currently working with Consumers Energy and one of our vendors to upgrade one of our compressors, with will have an even greater energy savings. 

We expect to reduce our total electrical consumption by at least 50% with these two projects. 

Our next round of efficiency upgrades will be to replace dock seals and poor sealing doors to better maintain the climate in the building. 



Rusty pipes? IMCC now offers internal pipe blasting. We can clean rust, calcium buildup, and scale from the inside of pipes ranging from 2" to 14" internal diameter. Our specialized internal pipe cleaning tools and selection of blasting medias, coupled with our ability to handle large projects allowed us to transition to this service. For cooling pipes, transfer pipes, water lines, chemical pipes- give us a call and we will be happy to look at any size project.

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